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We at "1 stop convenience store" are proudly serving in our Saskatoon community for the past 12 years. The story begin when Irfan Manzoor was looking to start his own business and he decided to open a convenience store that could meet his community's daily need. He started his first convenience store in 29th St. Saskatoon back in 2012. After getting good response and requests from friends/family/community members, he decided to expand his business and bring in another locations to meet the demand in your lovely neighbourhood at Preston Ave South Saskatoon and our 3rd location is in Evergreen that also offers 24x7 convenience to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being your neighbourhood go-to store. We're home to everything you would expect from a convenience store and so much more including your favourite Halal Donairs. Now you can even shop online with skip the dishes from all locations and this brings us one more step closer to you in creating customer convenience.